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This is a community for drinkers, if you've come up with a drinking game for your favourite film/tv show/anime/computer game/other misc game or even just a stand alone drinking game. Hell you don't even need to have invented it just know about it then please join this community and pass it on. This community will have some interesting games that could make that simple night in with your mates an unforgetable night of hilarity (or should that be a forgotten night of hilarity, I'm not sure lol).

Note: This is not a community for one upmanship and bragging about how much you can handle, any posts of that nature WILL be deleted by me. Other than that its all good.
Games can be played with alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.

Please post game descriptions under lj cuts (type < lj-cut text="yourtexthere" > without the first and last spaces) with the name of the game/show/movie as the text if its tremendously long, if theres 1 or 2 rules only then it should be ok to not use the cut. This will keep things nice and clean on peoples friends pages. Any additional rules/suggestions for games please post as comments the the respective post.

One game per post please to keep things simple.

Have fun and remember to drink responsibly (well, within reason anyways)